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Madrid Airport - Terminals

Madrid Airport has 4 Terminals. Terminals 1, 2 and 3 have six boarding areas: A, B, C, D, E and F. Terminal 4 has two parts, T4 and T4S, connected through an automatic underground train.

Flights Classification

Flights are usually classified in three groups, depending on their origin or destination.
- Schengen
- EU Non Schengen
- Third countries

Terminal 1

This Terminal operates mainly with International flights and also international companies such as Lufthansa, Air Europe, Air France or Easyjet.
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Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is usually the one for the Intra-Schengen flights. It is the oldest building at the airport.
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Terminal 3

North Dock (Dique Norte): Terminal 3 of Madrid Airport is a building integrated in the North Dock, but is nothing more than a separated check-in area (currently not operating).
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Terminal 4 and 4S

In the beggining of 2006, AENA opened Terminal 4 and 4S with the capacity for around 70 milion passengers per year. With a number of more than one hundred of direct boarding gangways, it had an investment of around 7,2 million euros.
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