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Madrid Airport Terminal 3

Madrid Airport Terminal 3 stands for a building integrated in the North Dock, a separated check-in area, which is currently out of service.

Actually, the boarding areas and the baggage claim areas are part of Terminal 2, being an extension of it.


It used to be the reserved terminal for flights between Madrid and Barcelona (Puente aéreo), now it operates from Terminal 4.


Terminal 3 operates with E gates: E67-E80 and E81-E82.


Transfer between terminals

Frequent shuttle buses connect Terminal 3 with the rest of the terminals at Madrid Airport:


- 06:30 am to 11:30 pm (every 5 minutes)

- 11:30 pm to 01:50 am (every 20 minutes)

- 01:50 am to 06:30 am (every 40 minutes)


Passengers who wish to transfer to Terminal 4, please proceed to board the underground train.

Transfer to Terminal 2

Please note that it is also possible to transfer straight to Terminal 2 by the ground level and the first level of Terminal 3 through connectors.



Madrid Airport Terminal 3 consists of the levels described below:


- Ground level: Arrivals and baggage claim area. Access to Terminal 2 is granted through this level.


- First level: Departures and check-in. Connection to Terminal 2 is done on the right of the level through a connector. Boarding gates E67-E80 are located opposite the gateway and gates E81-E82 are located on the upper floor.


- Second level: Boarding level for gates E81-E82.