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Madrid Airport - Terminal 4 and 4S

Terminal 4 and 4S

In the beggining of 2006, AENA opened Terminal 4 and 4S with the capacity for around 70 milion passengers per year. With a number of more than one hundred of direct boarding gangways, it had an investment of around 7,2 million euros. The new Terminal 4 occupies a space of more than 1 million m2 distributed in two buildings: the main Terminal 4 and the satellite building Terminal 4S. These 2 parts are connected through an automatic underground train (APM) which takes no more than 3 minutes.

The main building Terminal 4 works mainly with domestic flights and international flights (Schengen Area). The Terminal 4S runs all internationl flights outside the Schengen Area.

Here you can find the airlines and check in desks of the Terminals 4 and 4S.

The boarding gates are distributed over several areas, classified as follows: H1-H30 (floor 1, area H), J40-J59 (floor 1, area J), K69-K98 (floor 1, area E), M22-M51 (floor 0, area M), R1-R18(floor 1, area R), S23-S48 (floor 1, area S), and U55-U74 (floor 1, area U).

Here you can find the airlines and check in desks of the Terminal.

The Iberia Air-Shuttle Service flight Madrid-Barcelona (Puente Aéreo) (link here) is located in an area of the floor 2 at Terminal 4. This business area had and investment of more than 20 million euros. You can access directly from the main entrance. In this area you can choose if you want to use the check-in counter or the automatic check-in machine.