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Madrid Airport Terminal 4 and 4S

At the beggining of 2006, AENA opened Terminal 4 and Terminal 4S, alltogether with capacity to host 70 million passengers per year.


With more than a hundred of direct boarding gangways, it had an investment of around 7,2 million euros.


The new Terminal 4 consists of 760,000 square meters distributed in two buildings: The main Terminal 4 and the satellite building Terminal 4S. Both buildings are connected through an automatic underground train (APM) which takes no more than 3 minutes to transfer between them.


The main building of Terminal 4 mainly hosts domestic and international flights (Schengen Area). Terminal 4S runs all international flights outside the Schengen Area. <


The Iberia Air-Shuttle Service flight Madrid-Barcelona (Puente Aéreo) (link here) is located in an area of the floor 2 at Terminal 4. This business area had and investment of more than 20 million euros. You can access directly from the main entrance. In this area you can choose if you want to use the check-in counter or the automatic check-in machine.



Transfer between terminals

All terminals in Madrid Airport are connected by frequent free shuttle buses. See the scheduled hours below:

- 06:30 am to 11:30 pm (every 5 minutes)

- 11:30 pm to 01:50 am (every 20 minutes)

- 01:50 am to 06:30 am (every 40 minutes)


Between Terminal 4 and Terminal 4S, transportation is done by the underground train, which also connects them with Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Frequency is about 5 minutes to T4S Satellite.


Madrid Airport Terminal 4 and Satellite Terminal 4S consist of five levels:


- Underground (-2) level: Find in this level the Underground Train Station to T4S.

- Underground (-1) level

- Ground level: Arrivals and Baggage claim area. Arriving passengers should proceed to the baggage reclaim hall 10 or 11 to take their bags and straight to Customs.


Transfer passengers to T4S should board the underground driveless train.

Arriving non-Schengen passengers should proceed to the first level for the passport control.

- First level: Boarding area and Madrid Duty-free area, where food, drink and retail concessions are located.

This area leads to the Boarding and Gates area: North gates J50-J51 (right) and South gates J48-J49 (left).

For those passengers boarding in zones H, J or K, please proceed to the boarding area of this level: North Dock (Gates J50-J59, K62-K98) and South Dock (Gates J49-H40 and H30-H1).

In case boarding gates are located in zones R, S or U, please proceed to the -2 level where the underground train station is located and get to TS4.

- Second level: Check-in level. Find self-check-in kiosks. Prior security there are few food and drink concessions.

Please note that second level is where the flight services between Madrid and Barcelona, Puente Aéreo, is located.



Satellite Building TS4

The Satellite Building TS4 is located between the runways and counts with 26 aircraft stands.



TS4 building consists of the following levels:


- Ground level: Arrivals. Find here security checkpoints for transit passengers.

This level is home of M gates (M22-M51).

- First level: Departures and boarding area. Find here several security checkpoints for various airlines such as LATAM, American Airlines and El AI Israel.

R, U and S gates are located here: S33-S35 (center), S37-S51 and U55-U74 (right) and S29-S20 and R16-R1 (left).

Find also in this level several food, drink and retail concessions.

- Second level: Security checkpoint for connecting flights to R, S and U gates.

Flight status

See the flight status at Madrid Airport Terminal 4 and 4S



See the services available at Terminal 4 and 4S below:

- AENA information counters

- Airline counters

- Lost & found

- Meeting point

- Food, drink and retail concessions

- Currency exchange

- Business services

- Personal services

- Tour operators

- Shopping centre


See more Services at Madrid Airport Terminals

Airport lounges

Find several VIP lounges at Madrid Airport Terminal 4 and T4S:


- Neptuno: Location: Terminal T4S, second level, boarding area. Reserved for Non-Schengen flights. Only for passengers holding a Terminal T4S boarding pass. Service hours: 24/7.


- Plaza Mayor: Location: Terminal 4, first level, boarding area, shopping area. Reserved for Schengen flights. Tickets are temporary unavailable, we apologize for the inconvenience.


- Premium Lounge: Location: Terminal 4, first level. Available VIP services: Check-in luggage, escort to the runway, baggage reclaim and private security checkpoint. Service hours: 24/7.